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  • Treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine at home: complex of exercise therapy, self-massage, needle applicator, rubbing of pharmaceuticals, folk remedies and recipes (herbal infusions, compresses and applications, rubs, ointments), prevention of exacerbations.
  • Causes, signs and symptoms of degenerative disc disease of the thoracic spine. Treatment methods: drug therapy, gymnastics and special exercises, massage. Prevention, probable complications and consequences of the disease.
  • Lumbar osteochondrosis. Symptoms Treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis.
  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis have similar symptoms, which is why patients often think they are the same. But this opinion is wrong. It is important to understand how arthritis is different from osteoarthritis.
  • Collar of the osteochondrosis: causes, treatment and prevention of the disease.
  • The cause of the development of the degenerative disease of the lumbar disc to date has not been established. The doctors do not eliminate the cause of the transmission of the disease at the genetic level.
  • The sedentary life style, characteristic for the office workers, and those who like to relax in front of the tv or the screen of the monitor, it often becomes the reason for the occurrence of osteochondrosis.
  • This article explains about knee osteoarthritis: causes, symptoms, and also on the forms of treatment and prevention measures.
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee symptoms is manifested little by little. The patient may years of not knowing who is sick, as well as the visible change of the shape of the knee or of strong sensations painful for him does not exist. But, subsequently, the disease can have very serious consequences.
  • The osteochondrosis is a disease of the spinal column, or rather its, ligamentous apparatus. Signs of degenerative disc disease are headaches, dizziness, pain in the arms, shoulders and chest, "crosshairs" and the spots in front of eyes, decreased vision and hearing, "ringing in the ears.
  • Why it appears and how it manifests itself on the osteochondrosis of cervical? What medicines are used in treatment? How to do gymnastics, and massage to improve the state?
  • Collar of the osteochondrosis is a defeat of the disks of the vertebrae in the cervical region, in which occurs a violation of the structure and function of the intervertebral discs. Before you start the treatment, the fewer problems there will be in the future.
  • The symptoms and the treatment of the osteoarthritis of all the joints: ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder, joints of the hand and the hip. The stage of osteoarthritis and the effectiveness of the different methods and ways of treatment.
  • The symptoms of degenerative disc disease, the causes and the development of the disease. How to cure the disease?