The osteochondrosis of cervical

Collar of the osteochondrosis is the pathological changes in the tissues of the intervertebral discs and the bones of the spine. As a result of thinning of the soft tissues, reduces the effect of the amortization of the vertebrae. Occurs the pressure of the blood vessels and nerve fibers, reduces the mobility of the cervical spine.

Collar of the osteochondrosis is one of the most dangerous locations of degenerative disc disease, as a cause of this disease worsens the blood supply to the brain.

That dangerous neck of the osteochondrosis

In consequence, it alters the normal functioning of the cervical spine, reduces mobility, appear pains in the neck. The osteochondrosis cervical cancer can be the cause of the deterioration of the cerebral circulation, migraine headaches, heart rhythm disturbances, impairment of vision, coordination and attention, the development intervertebral hernia.The osteochondrosis and spondylosis in the cervical region of the spine

The osteochondrosis and spondylosis in the cervical region of the spine

The symptoms of degenerative disc disease cervical

The disease is characterized by acute pain in the neck, in the nape of the neck, shoulder and forearm. The pain may increase with movement of the head or in certain positions. In consequence, the syndrome of the pain and of the inflammatory process occurs the surge of the cervical vertebrae. The patients are often seen in migraine, the loss of hearing and vision, dizziness, tinnitus, sudden changes of blood pressure, even handled the fainting state. A symptom of the degenerative disease of the cervical disc may be the violation of the sensitivity of the pads of the fingers of the hands.

The causes of the degenerative disc disease cervical

The causes of the degenerative disease of the cervical disc is usually related to the aging of the body and the age-related changes in the tissues. However, the style of life and the factors that increase the risk of the occurrence of the disease. Them concern:

  • the low physical activity sedentary work;
  • the excess weight and power.
  • diseases of the locomotor apparatus: the flat foot, rheumatism, scoliosis, violation of posture;
  • an injury in the neck or in the nape of the neck.

In addition, the osteochondrosis can be caused by other diseases of the spine. The spine is a single whole, and it is also necessary to in the complex. That is why the first thing you should do if you are suspected of osteochondrosis — pass a full examination of the spine.

The treatment of the degenerative disc disease cervical

The treatment is given after the survey. The doctor collects the history, and sends the patient to the survey. More often — in magnetic resonance images. Having clarified the exact cause of the disease, start the treatment.

In the period acute that a doctor prescribes painkillers and anti-inflammatories. In the period of remission - physiotherapy, massage treatments, shock wave wave of drug therapy and physical education. These methods focus on the muscle strengthening of the corset, lifting the tension and the prevention of the attacks of the disease.

The prevention of the degenerative disc disease cervical

  • Passes regular of the survey. The disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Annual survey will enable us to detect the disease at an early stage and cure it, until it turned into a more serious stage.
  • Make sure to posture. Keep the smooth back, the shoulders relaxed. If you are working a lot with the computer or desk, select a chair, sitting properly, do warm-up exercises each half hour or each hour of work.
  • Lead an active lifestyle. Walk more, go outdoor, exercise, especially useful for swimming.
  • During sleep, use the orthopedic pillow.